St James Square, Quarter, Edinburgh EH1 3AD
Mon - Sun 11.00 - 22.00
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Welcome to Leith


Delicious ramen, curry dishes and yummy yakisoba!

This cosy ramen spot will be your number one choice for your lunch break, meeting your friends after work or before enjoying a theatrical play from one of the theatres around the area. Located just across St James Quarter, where you can also find another branch of ours too, and only five min walk from the historical Calton Hill.
What's so special about this ramen cosy spot? Our lovely Sakura arch, our Japanese latents, your colourful sticky notes , our delicious hot ramen bowls and yummy yakisoba dishes. This place will definitely be your favourite spot in Leith! Your journey, Our bowl!

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday
12:00 - 09:00pm
Friday - Sunday
12:00 - 09:00pm